photography courtesy of  Rock Shots Photography


"It was a candy land full of neon saucers and magical monsters that came to play..."

Influenced by a swirl of the iconic popular music of the last few decades, high-energy San Francisco band Hush Crush aims to bring beautiful, vibrant, danceable jams to the scene. In love with soul, funk, folk rock, the disco of the 70s, the cheesy synth-pop of the 80s, the ironic lyrics of the 90s… but also what ties it all together: the craft of lyric and songwriting, entertaining live performance, recording and production, and the desire to celebrate and have a good time. 

With playful lyrics and melodically distinct compositions, weaved with elastic vocal stylings ranging from sassy to ethereal, Hush Crush's songs about life, love, interstellar travel and psychedelic adventures transport listeners, as one fan said, "…to another time and place, where your inhibitions fade away and you're footloose and fancy-free".  Hush Crush draws musical inspiration from greats like Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Prince, along with more contemporary artists like Anderson.Paak, Jamiroquai and Gary Clark Junior.


Kirby Lee


dreams of becoming a singer and bursting out of her small Kansas town consumed Kirby's life from a young age. Finding inspiration from genres + artists old and new, Kirby has developed a soulful, yet bold voice that demands presence.


Cameron Woodruff

guitar // vocals

a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Cameron has spent the last few years working in Huey Lewis and the News’ old recording studio being mentored by career professionals and honing his skills. He grew up amidst a musical family and is a true musician at heart. He carefully crafts his compositions, pulling from a variety of influences and genres and has a wide arsenal of tricks to get people on the dance floor.


Eric Habich


is a small woodland creature who lived in a hollow sycamore tree in the Pennsylvania woodlands. Surviving with only a penknife, ball of twine, and an ax, he fashioned handmade instruments to communicate and befriend the curious creatures of the forest. His inspiration is the rhythm of the Appalachian night.


John Evarts


while being raised in Denton, Texas, John was on a musical diet consisting of The Beatles and musical theater. Pursuing the drums because he's in love with the mischievous goddess of rhythm, John always seems to find just the right beat.


Ryan Scribner


with parents that dedicated weekend mornings to blues and r&b music, Ryan developed and mastered laying down phat bass grooves. With his own Dad being a bass player, and Ryan being inspired by west coast g-funk music while growing up in Rochester, Minnesota, he came to find that he had to be "all about that bass, 'bout that bass."